How have you experienced the past several months?

Covid-19. George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor. Protests. Political polarization. Economic recession.

It can feel like everything is out of control. In our work with leaders and teams, a few tools frequently rise to the top as helpful for leading yourself and others in the midst of rapid change. Join executive coach and GoInnovation co-founder Rory Tyer for a live webinar on Thursday, June 25, from 12-1 CST, in partnership with Tupelo’s Community Development Foundation and streamed live on their facebook page. You’ll learn:

– how to practice the habit of reflection for learning from what you’ve come through and planning ahead;

– Rory’s favorite Leadership Essential for planning that helps distinguish *why* you do what you do from *how* you do it, which is critical in changing circumstances;

– the single metric – Degree of Candor – that might most accurately predict whether your team is thriving or on the verge of breakdown.

Click here to RSVP on facebook, and be sure to LIKE the Community Development Foundation page to be notified when the event goes live. And please share the video below to spread the word!


In my experience coaching and facilitating leader development I've seen a few specific tools rise to the top again and again as being especially helpful for navigating change and uncertainty. I'm excited to be presenting a free virtual workshop this Thursday, June 25, 12-1p CST, in partnership with the Community Development Foundation: Tools for Growth in Uncertain Times. These are things you can walk away and apply immediately, including: – specific reflection tools (and why reflection matters now more than ever); – my favorite planning framework that allows you to separate *why* you do what you do from *how* you do it, which is critically important right now; – a single metric, Degree of Candor, that can gauge how healthy your team or organization is right now.RSVP to the event here – and be sure to LIKE the Community Development Foundation page to be notified when the live stream starts!

Posted by Rory Tyer on Monday, 22 June 2020

Rory Tyer is an executive coach, expert facilitator, writer, and videographer who thrives on asking powerful questions. He is the creator and host of Work Like a Human, the GoInnovation podcast, and has worked with or coached leaders in several countries from organizations such as Toyota, Amazon, Chick-fil-a, World Vision International, Coca-Cola, and St Jude Children’s Hospital. He currently lives in Tupelo, MS, with his wife, two daughters, and two pit bulls. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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