Effective communication needs to take into account how adults learn. In this video, Steadman Harrison (CEO & co-founder of GOinnovation) works with a Leadership Clinic cohort to help them be more effective communicators using something called 4MAT Design. 4MAT Design can help you communicate more effectively, lead better meetings, and give clearer presentations.

All adult learners have four questions: why, what, how, and what if (or “so what?”). Furthermore, each of us has one of these four that is particularly burning. If we don’t find answers to these questions within the first minutes of any presentation or conversation, we tend to mentally check out. Watch Steadman explain 4MAT and dialogue with Clinic participants about why this is important.

Steadman Harrison is an expert facilitator and story teller with a 25 year history of working across more than 70 countries. He co-founded a movement called Leadership Beyond Boundaries, scaling leadership development solutions to more than 500,000 individuals through direct face-to-face delivery. As an author, coach, and friend his intention is to unlock human potential. Steadman believes in human development solutions that help everyone, everywhere. Find him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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