What We Do

Leadership Clinics

We spend a lot of time helping people, teams, and organizations become better versions of themselves. Along the way, we’ve realized two big things:

  • These tools are too important not to share;
  • There are other people – like you – who also want to help others grow and who would benefit from having these tools in your hands, either as an independent consultant or as a leader inside an organization.

The Leadership Clinic is an immersive three-day training of trainers event where you’ll work with other leaders to deeply understand, experience, and practice using some of the most important Leadership Essentials, Experiences, and Explorers that we use in our human development processes all over the world.

Immersive and engaging training experience (no PowerPoint, no binders, lots of dialogue)

Relevant and research-based tools anyone can learn and duplicate anywhere

Practice immediately–and receive feedback on your facilitation in a supportive environment

Upcoming Clinics
There are currently no clinics scheduled. Check out our blog for other valuable resources.


“This workshop was presented in such a clear fashion that these ideas and concepts will really stick with me. I would highly recommend making this available to more people in the organization.”

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