What We Do

We Empower Teams and Organizations

How do you measure the ROI of healthy organizational culture? What would it do for your teams if they had compelling shared vision, clearly defined and consistently demonstrated values, high candor and job satisfaction, and managers who were excellent at leading people?

60%of first-time managers receive no training after being promoted

33%of American workers are engaged at work

5 YearsSince 2014, NGO and global workforce turnover rates have been increasing

Over forty combined years of experience

Whether it’s a one-day team-building event or a multi-stakeholder series of workshops punctuated by group coaching sessions, our consultants and facilitators will work with you to design a human development process that helps everyone become a better version of themselves. Our team has over forty combined years of experience helping people learn, grow, and change, using powerful research-based tools called Leadership Essentials, Experiences, and Explorers.

No two teams or organizations are the same.

We help you understand and enact what you need, leaving the tools in your hands to multiply your own internal leadership capacity and continue growing from within.

We’ve helped organizations and teams of all sizes with topics such as:

  • Change management, pace of change, and internal communication strategies;
  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace;
  • Communication and feedback skills for managers;
  • Defining core values and the behaviors that demonstrate those values;
  • Coaching skills;
  • Generations in the workplace;
  • Growth mindset, learning from failure, and building a culture of trust;
  • Organizational restructuring and growth planning;
  • Resilience for non-profit and front-line workers;
  • And much more.