Leadership in the Age of Deepfakes

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If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to watch this clip of actor Bill Hader doing impressions of Tom Cruise and (briefly) Seth Rogan. It’s not really about the impressions, though. If you watch closely, Hader’s face actually transforms into Tom Cruise’s face while he speaks. It’s surreal, a little …

Five Signs You Need That Feedback

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Here’s a leadership paradox. On the one hand, leaders really, really need feedback, and the “higher” your position, the more difficult it is for you to get the candid and consistent feedback you need to make good decisions. On the other hand, every data point isn’t equally important. It’s not …

What are Leadership Essentials?

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Co-founder and facilitator Rory Tyer explains what Leadership Essentials are. GOinnovation facilitators use Essentials, Experiences, and Explorers – along with coaching and assessments – to create custom leadership development solutions that address a wide range of needs, including change management, communication skills, professional development, conflict resolution, first-time manager skills, general …

Steadman Harrison facilitates 4MAT Design, a Leadership Essential, at the Denver Leadership Clinic.

One Simple Tool to Communicate More Effectively Anywhere

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Effective communication needs to take into account how adults learn. In this video, Steadman Harrison (CEO & co-founder of GOinnovation) works with a Leadership Clinic cohort to help them be more effective communicators using something called 4MAT Design. 4MAT Design can help you communicate more effectively, lead better meetings, and …

A young African-American woman wearing track and field gear sits in the long jump sand pit with one hand on her head. She looks either exhausted or frustrated or both. The following text is overlaid on the photo: "Let your people fail."

Let Your People Fail

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My daughter Lucy is almost six months old. She’s still learning to sit up on her own, and she isn’t very good at it yet. Just two weeks ago, for the first time, she was able to sit upright without support for 20-30 seconds before tilting over sideways. We’ve been …